Types of Flower

Types of Flower

There are 2 main types of marijuana plants known as indica plants and sativa plants. Indica plants have leaves that are generally a darker green and are also known to be relatively short. Indica plants typically only grow to be 6 feet tall or shorter. The effects of using a cannabis strain that is indica-dominant include a relaxed, mellow attitude. Because of this soothing effect, indica strains are often recommended for stress, insomnia, or anxiety. Indica is typically suggested for night use, as it is calming and may cause a user to feel sleepy.


The sativa plant produces leaves that are long, thin, and bright green, the standard image of a “pot leaf” that you may have seen on t-shirts or stickers. Compared to indica, sativa plants can grow much taller. In fact, some sativa plants can grow up to 25 feet tall, but the majority of sativa plants grow to be around 12 feet tall. The effects of sativa are energizing and exciting, inspiring creativity. While indica may cause a user to become tired or less talkative, sativa often causes users to feel more alert or conversational. Because of its energizing effects, sativa is generally recommended for day use.


Hybrids combine the energizing effects of sativa with the relaxing effects of indica. Some of the top sativa strains and indica strains are often used when creating a hybrid for the best quality possible. While hybrids blend the effects of sativa and indica, they are typically either indica-dominant or sativa-dominant and will tend to have more of a calming effect or energizing effect depending on which plant’s characteristics it takes after most.

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