Blaqstar Farms now sold at Green Goddess Collective

Blaqstar Farms proudly presents a new smoking experience to the Green Goddess. Treestars are mini cigars filled with whole flower, infused with cannabis diamonds, hand-painted with terpenes, and coated with kief to create an all-around enhanced experience! Blaqstar offers a unique smoking experience with its high-quality cannabis and attention to detail. Green Goddess is excited to offer this new product line from Blaqstar call Treestars. 

Green Goddess is a pioneer in the cannabis industry

One of the original retail locations in Los Angeles. Green Goddess has been recognized as an expert on new product lines and brands for over 20 years by publications like LA Weekly and CNN news. Green Goddess focuses on quality control to bring you only the best products from their partners, and will never sell anything they haven’t tested extensively first! Blaqstar Farms Treestars come packed with high-quality flower that provide smooth hits filled with flavor. Green Goddess Collective offers three flavors: Tangie Grapefruit (sour), Sour Diesel (earthy/diesel), Lemon Kush Tangerine Haze (floral). Each pack contains five mini cigars infused with whole flower buds covered in Diamond. Green

Goddess Collective is excited to offer Blaqstar Farms Treestars. Green Goddess has an extensive menu of flower, vape cartridges and edibles for all occasions and skill levels! Green Godess carries multiple brands such as Mora,

Green Goddess staff are cannabis experts ready to assist you with your cannabis needs.

Green Goddess provides a safe and comfortable environment to learn about cannabis. Green Godess is open seven days a week with extended hours for your convenience. Their expert staff will help you discover what works best for you! Green Goddess also has an in house ATM machine if needed. Green Goddess is conveniently located just blocks from Venice Beach. Green Goddess has two exclusive parking spots for medical marijuana patients with a valid MMIC and ID! Green Goddess has a wheelchair-accessible entrance for all your needs!

Green Godess offers variety of payment options such as cash, debit cards, credit cards (Visa & MasterCard Only), Apple Pay and Green Gift Certificates which can be redeemed throughout their website. Also you can get a 10% discount when you sign up to our mail list.

Green Goddess offers a wide array of products from the best local growers in California

Blaqstar Farms now sold at Green Goddess Collective ! Come smoke these delicious mini cigars filled with diamonds that will have your mouth watering for more! All-around enhanced experience! Green Goddess is open seven days a week! Green Goddess has an extensive menu of flower, vape cartridges and edibles for all occasions.

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