Docs OG strain is a hybrid strain that is much dominant that includes 75% India and 25% Sativa. This Docs OG strain is created by cross-over between the potent strain of rare darkness that is considered the number one strain and Docs OG. In other words, we can say docs OG x rare darkness.

As we can see that the name of the strain says it all with this kind of bud, Docs OG is perfect for creating a great variety of conditions, and it even packs the potency that will help the user, whether it is the most experienced user.

Docs OG kush origin:

The top reported aroma says that Doc’s OG strains are pungent earth, spices, and herbs because Doc’s OG is mainly tasted like sweet wood, seasoning, or flavoring. It is observed that it produces medium-sized plants. The plant has board-size leaves whose credit goes to its indica heritage. The average Docs OG kush flowering time is somewhere between 49 to 63 days. If the plant is growing indoors and outdoor, it will extend from late September to October months of the year. It will give a large yield in an ideal situation if it is provided with suitable or favorable conditions. This plant’s strain grows well both outdoors and indoors as well.

Since many of the retailers out there list the seeds of Docs OG, it is available easily. Nearly all of them say that it is sold out, and the discount goes for rare creator darkness.

Docs OG weed benefits:

Docs OG is also used as a potent medicine, and it also fits the category perfectly. This strain can get up to a 25% level of THC. From a medical point of view, this strain of Docs OG weed is mainly recommended by doctors if the patient has insomnia, any pain to get relief, or overcome depression. The question that arises here is why doctors recommend Doc’s OG strain for depression, so the answer to this is that after you took this strain, you will be so relaxed that you won’t even care to be depressed about something. There will not be a distraction in any case as you will not bother it at the first moment.

If you can use it in low doses, it will help you to lose anxiety, but if the amounts are high, it can also cause anxiety once again, so be careful.

Docs OG weed side effects:

Some main effects of Doc’s OG are mentioned below:


A body that inhaled Doc’s OG can cause a lack of balance. When you are fadded off of Doc’s OG, you will feel that you have become clumsier than you are in a routine, and you struggle with fiddly tasks also. It is also not recommended to drive or operate any machinery while under the influence of this strain.


The best thing to avoid such a situation is by keeping yourself well hydrated. Try to keep a bottle of water with you at the time. You can even prevent this situation by sucking a lemon-flavored candy to get your saliva to keep flowing.


While this is true that taking this strain can cause you munchies, but on the other side if you are already facing a loss of appetite, then these side effects can also turn beneficial for you. You face munchies because it confuses your brain or nervous system whether you are hungry or not, even if you had eaten just now feeling your stomach is full.

 It also influences your brain areas that are associated with taste or smell. You will like intoxicated food more in this condition, and once you start eating, it will be a bit difficult for you to stop again.


Many of the ratios of the people reported that the taste of Doc’s OGis of ammonia. While some of them also noted that the taste of ammonia adds the taste of diesel and flowery flavor. This strain has a perfectly balanced scent that can also remind you of a lovely windy day of your life at a farm or a trek. The best recommended for use this particular Doc’s OG strain is at night mostly.

This bud has a sweet herbal taste and fresh wood experience upon exhale with the hints of rich spices. The same profile is also observed at the aroma that is a lightly sweet, spicy overtone as the burned nugs. The buds of Doc’s OG have grape-shaped neon green nugs with yellowish-green hair that looks beautiful with a thick frosty type coating of pretty golden trichomes of amber crystals. 

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