Peanut Butter Breath (Hybrid)

For anyone who enjoys a severe snack, the peanut butter breath is a perfect snack. This intense strain of the peanut butter breath provides a heady, cerebral high that will leave a person completely free from everything. For the rest of the night, your body buzz will work perfectly in harmony by laying you on the couch peacefully. 

The peanut butter breath we provide is an evenly balanced hybrid, and it also has an herbal and earthly background. It will be ideal for both daytime and even evening use.

What is peanut butter breath?

The peanut butter breath is comprised of 50% of both Indica and Sativa genetics from the background. It is also known as a rare, evenly divided hybrid strain of weed. Its level of THC is up to 27% to 30% that makes it appealing for long-term usage. The peanut butter breath strain is a delicious and balanced blend of Mendobreath F2 and Do-Si-Dos in terms of its lineage. This strain is one of the tastiest and as good as it feels.

This combo together creates a snacker’s dream strain for you. The peanut butter breath is also described as woody, pine, and herbal flavor. 

Peanut butter breath THC fragrance and flavor:

The peanut butter breath first thing to notice is its herbal and nutty fragrance. A heavy earth undertone that is followed makes the peanut butter breath THC a savory and delicious strain. In most ways, the flavor follows the scent profile too. The nutty and earthy notes are predominant, and it also provides the herbal exhale that is hard for some users to miss.

Like its name, it does not have a lot of sweetness to breathe strain of PB, but still, it is delicious either way.

Growth of this strain:

This is a particular strain to grow because it requires meticulous monitoring of humidity, including water levels. But we can say that the extra effort of work you put in will be worth it. If grown indoors, it can reach six feet, and outdoor, they indeed have the potential to reach up like a monster coming up to eight feet.

Flowering time:


In the northern hemisphere, outdoor growers should expect a harvest around October’s end. Most plants prefer the Mediterranean climate so try to grow outside to provide warm evenings throughout the harvest. The average outdoor yield is 10-12 ounces per square meter inside.


Growing indoor peanut butter breath is often easiest because they are picky with their environmental preference. In nine weeks, the harvest of indoor peanut butter breath is ready.

The peanut butter breath effects:  

So when it’s time to perform this, peanut butter kush wastes not even a minute. By its review, we came to know that most users felt it as soon as they exhaled. It provides you with an effect of head high and loose with a heady cerebral lift that will leave you wholly carefree and relax. In this, the buzzy tingle accompanies the head high by encouraging the dreamy feeling. It’s said that nothing can lead you to stress when the peanut butter breath weed is in its effect.

Your body will be deeply connected to buzz, and the tingles will spread as soon as possible from the backside of your neck to the rest of your body. They keep the body at rest where leaving the couch is not an option for you left. The relaxed and comfortable feeling is so strong that you won’t mind resting or deny this option.

Adverse reactions of the peanut butter breath

The most significant side effect observed till now of peanut butter breath weed is feeling an intense case of munchies.  Sometimes, dry eyes or cottonmouth are also reported. Suppose this high THC strain is used more than enough; the user may also face anxiety and paranoia. All these sensations are more observed when they are over-consumed. Just by paying attention to the THC content, you will be relaxed and chill.


Like other high THC strains, PB is one of the top choices for recreational use. It is also a therapeutic use. Worries and anxiety are known to melt away as the head high takes over.

Similarly, for this PB, breaths strain, dark thoughts, and despair is no match for the intensity. Even the opinions of depression are distracted by this lovely couch locking peanut butter weed.

It is excellent for reducing physical problems also. Through our body limbs, muscle tension and soreness dissolve as the body high slips. They can also help to relieve headaches, migraines, stress, and pulled muscles. The anti-inflammatory characteristic helps to soothe the pain that is related to arthritis, cancer, and fibromyalgia.

PTSD and OCD also respond to this weed of peanut butter. Its unfocused and relaxed feelings try to calm repetitive thoughts that are often a hallmark of all these disorders. For chronic stress, the same thing is true as endless worries unwind the ease. Throughout the body, as the tingling buzz spread in their place is pleasant. 

If you also face sleep problems like can’ sleep at night even if you are not sick, then, in this case, the Peanut butter breath strain can help you. Peanut butter breath has the quality of providing you with the relaxing effect of the high that will help you in shutting down any worries, tension, or distraction that disturbs your sleep pattern and keep you awake all night. The pain relief properties help your body to relax and calm so that soreness won’t distract you. The relaxing effect that the peanut butter breath provides makes a person spend hours relaxed and calm, which is a perfect recipe for a long and comfortable sleep. By a restful sleep, you will get rid of half of your distractions, and your brain can also work correctly, but it is applicable only if used in a controlled dose, not crossing the limit of usage. 


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