Who is Bryant Mitchell founder and CEO of Blaqstar Farms

Bryant Mitchell is Blaqstar’s founder and CEO. He has over 10 years of hands-on management experience in the cannabis industry. In 2013 he established Blaqstar Farms after owning a Los Angeles dispensary where he realized the need for consistent, clean medicinal cannabis. Having learned the outdoor craft while working in Sonoma and with guidance from growers with decades of experience, Bryant built a foundation on growing clean, high quality medicinal cannabis. 

Blaqstar Farms believes in giving back to the community and supporting causes that advocate for civil rights, cannabis reform, science & education. Blaqstar Farms believes this industry should be shaped by those who have been advocates from day one http://blaqstar.wp5.staging-site.io/ 

Before entering the cannabis industry, he spent sixteen years in business consulting, project management, process design, and operations efficiency services for IBM Strategy, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, and Accenture PLC. In those roles, he advised the world’s largest companies, primarily in the oil and gas industry.

While working as a consultant, he founded as a passion project the Mosaic Bar & Lounge in Houston, Texas, where gained more than four years of compliant retail experience in a regulated industry. Mr. Mitchell holds an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a BA in business from Prairie View A&M University, a historically black university. Mr. Mitchell currently sits as an active board member of NDICA (National Diversity and Inclusion Cannabis Alliance) and holds an associate membership on the CMA (Cannabis Minority Alliance).

With a fully integrated seed to sale model Blaqstar has build up a solid reputation in the industry. Through high-quality cannabis and extensive community involvement Blaqstar Farms is bringing the agricultural farming knowledge to cannabis growing. Blaqstar farms will be the first cannabis company who will offer a Five-Star Blaqstar Experience to their patients. Blaqstar Farms has built up large scale indoor growing facilities in California to ensure the highest quality product Blaqstar Farms has partnered with Blox Labs to ensure proper packaging and distribution. Blaqstar Farms is Blox Labs most trusted partner, Blaqstar Farms is the first company Blox has officially taken under their wing. 

Check out Blaqstar farms at Green Goddess or Eaze for delivery today!

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